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 · Para adelgazar te recomendamos que no sigas las indicaciones que dicta un canal de Youtube. Pues yo a la participante, antes de entrar en Guadalix, ya la conocía. La conocía por su nombre en la red, Barby Cacu, había visto sus vídeos, que son de lo más populares en la red entre personas que buscan soluciones muy rápidas Author: Conchi Álvarez de Cienfuegos. Lisbeth del Rosario descrubrió este Pin. Descubre (y guarda) tus propios Pines en Pinterest. Baixar e ouvir BARBY CACU, download mp3 4shared, youtube palco mp3 Temos um catalógo com milhares de links de mp3 para baixar grátis de forma segura confira!! Tag Archives: adelgazar barby cacu. Toma 6 Dientes De Ajo Asados y Esto Es Lo Que Le Ocurrirá a Tu Cuerpo En Tan Solo 24 Horas. Posted on May 19, by Remedios Caseros. Advertisements. Free statistics for BARBY CACU. All the basic metrics and more, including competitive growth rate comparisons, engagement by category, and recent performance.

FOR — Anyone interested in comparing social media stats for creators and brands within a specific marketing category.

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About This Creator. Si quieres contactar : barbycacu yahoo. Pintor Pérez Gil N. Usted asume toda la responsabilidad en relación al uso y consumo de los productos y recomendaciones encontrados en este canal.

Login to VideoAmigo to view other social platform data. Create Your Free Account Now. Ranks are calculated weekly, but Views and Subscribers are calculated daily. This means that you may periodically see a discrepancy in the rank order compared to Views and Subscribers. Channels succeed by uploading content regularly and at a cadence anticipated by their audience. TIP: Select a highlighted date to open a list of video s added. Select any title from that list to immediately watch that video.

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LOG IN. Log In to submit a Facebook account for this channel. We will confirm the account information before adding it to the system. This chart makes comparisons based on a dozen different metrics that are important for determining channel health.

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The higher above the category average black line that the channel scores teal line , the better they are performing. A channel's spider chart is made up of 12 data points. For the channel to improve, it would help to work on the following metrics, which are areas the channel underperforms its peers. View Growth : This channel's View Growth of 0. Video Amigo metrics to focus on for growth are: Meeting or beating the topic's Record of Uploads Focusing on content shown to drive up Total Engagement Focusing on likeability and Subscriber Conversion to grow the channel's base.

These are needed to achieve velocity for any channel. Total Views : This channel's Total Views of ,, is All activity starts with views.

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The more there are, the more opportunity there is to grow by engaging viewers. These four key YouTube statistics are refreshed daily and reflect the channel's performance as of midnight yesterday. The averages, indicated by the center gold line, enable you to see how this channel performs against competitors in the same Topic, while this Channel's stats are represented by the individual color bars.

TIP 1: Select the avatar of any channel in this section to quickly switch to their Vital Statistics overview. TIP 2: Add any of these competitive channels to the spider chart to see a side-by-side comparison of key Channel Performance metrics. Our Privacy Policy has been updated. By using this site, you agree to the Privacy Poilcy.

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Claim Your Channel to: Gain access to FREE advanced channel management tools Protect the way you look in VideoAmigo ratings, rankings, and reports Organize your channel into the right categories for deep competitive stats Enable you to receive business offers from select brands looking to buy advertising or sponsorships. Channel Overview 2.

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YouTube Vital Stats. Social Followers. Want to see recent Facebook activity here and in other VideoAmigo reports? This channel has been claimed and the owner has not shared their Facebook handle. Want to see competitive channels on the chart?

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  • Add Category Spider Chart Introduction A channel's spider chart is made up of 12 data points. Score Improvement For the channel to improve, it would help to work on the following metrics, which are areas the channel underperforms its peers.

    Achievements On the other hand, this channel over-achieves its peers when it comes to: Total Views : This channel's Total Views of ,, is See how all channels in this category rank in Category Rankings. Nearest competitors 90 days ago. Coisas de Filó. Anna Saccone. Tania Arredondo. Adelgaza20 con Ingrid Macher. Salud Heidi Somers. Competitive Channels are not available.

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